音楽と詩のレーベル<happy prince>のオフィシャル・ストアです。
happy princeからリリースされているCDにつきましては、オフィシャル・ウェブサイト (http://happyprince.jp/ )にて試聴可能です。



Happy Prince is a record/poem label managed by Yugo Fujii.
You would be able to hear sample mp3s of all CDs from happy prince at the official website (http://happyprince.jp/).
Regarding shipping, basically we ship your purchased items in Small Packet, where you would be able to receive the package around a few weeks, and you cannot trace the package.
Just in case you would like to trace the package and prefer a more secured way to ship, please select EMS.

links: https://linktr.ee/___yugofujii